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A Year of Inspiration – The Ashman Family’s Journey to Ghana

As 2023 is drawing to a close, I’d like to share a truly inspiring story that unfolded this year. It’s about the Ashman family, led by the spirited Andrea Ashman, a family of ten who dared to step out of their comfort zone and embrace an adventure that would change them forever. Their destination was Ghana, a land rich in

history and culture, and what they found there was more than just a holiday experience; it was a journey of discovery and learning.

From the moment they arrived in Ghana, the Ashman family plunged into a world vastly different from their own. Andrea, a mother with a vision, watched with pride as her children eagerly explored this new environment. They roamed the bustling markets of Accra, marveling at the vibrant Kente cloth, each thread weaving a tale of heritage and history. This wasn’t just a sightseeing trip; it was an immersive educational experience.

The family’s journey took a profound turn at the Cape Coast Castle. Here, in the

haunting dungeons that once held slaves, the Ashman’s confronted a dark chapter of human history. It was a powerful, emotional experience, one that textbooks could never fully convey. Andrea’s children absorbed these hard truths, gaining a deeper understanding of the world and its past.

Throughout their stay, the Ashmans engaged with the local community. They learned traditional dances to the beat of the djembe drums and connected with local children, finding common ground despite language barriers. These moments were about more than just fun; they were about cultural exchange and building bridges.

Evenings in Ghana were magical. The family gathered to listen to stories from local elders, a blend of folklore and history that captivated their hearts. Each night, they went to bed enriched by these tales, carrying with them lessons that would last a lifetime.

As they prepared to leave Ghana, the Ashmans knew they were taking home more than souvenirs. They were carrying back memories, lessons, and a piece of Ghana that would forever be a part of them. Andrea had given her family an invaluable gift: the gift of perspective, understanding, and a deep connection to a culture so beautiful and profound.

This story isn’t just about a family traveling to Ghana; it’s about the transformative power of travel and cultural immersion. To witness this remarkable journey yourself, I invite you to watch Andrea Ashman’s live account of their trip on our YouTube channel.

Click here and be a part of the Ashman family’s inspiring adventure in Ghana.

One Response

  1. I also enjoyed these treasured moments along with the Ashman Family. I regret not spending more time with them as I found out they are really good people. As I agree with their remanence of the Journey, I would like to add that the socialization with others was enchanting. At the end of the tour, I felt we all had become closer with the knowledge, experiences, laughter, and solemn truths we shared. Maybe and hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.

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