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ghana E-Visa

Before You Apply

Realization and Application

Recognize the need for an emergency visa to Ghana? Our expedited e-visa service is designed for those who have realized at the last minute that they require a visa.


 Processing Your Application

Upon receiving your application, we act swiftly to process it directly with the Ghana Airports Authority. Our priority is to ensure that you receive your visa without delay.

Receiving Your Visa
Once processed, a PDF copy of your visa will be sent directly to your email, ready for you to travel.

Cost-Effective Alternative

If you have sufficient time before your travel and wish to save on costs, consider applying directly with the Embassy of Ghana in Washington, D.C., or New York.

No Passport Mailing Required

Our service is ideal if you prefer not to, or do not feel comfortable with, mailing your passport.

Visa Specifications

Please note that this service is intended for single-entry visas only. If you require a multiple-entry visa, you should apply through the embassy.

Remember, our emergency visa service is the perfect solution for quick travel needs without the hassle of traditional visa application methods.

Ensure a smooth application process for your emergency e-visa to Ghana by having the following documents prepared:

  1. Valid Passport: Your passport must be current and not expired. Please verify the expiration date before initiating the application process.

    2.  Passport Bio Page Copy: Have a clear copy of your passport’s bio page – the page containing your photograph and personal details.

    3. Confirmed Flight Itinerary: Prepare to upload a copy of your booked flight itinerary, confirming your travel plans to Ghana.

Having these documents at hand will streamline your application, allowing us to process your emergency visa promptly.

Print or Save Your E-Visa: Upon receiving your e-visa, please ensure you either print out a copy or save it on your mobile device. This is crucial as you will need to present it at the check-in counter at your departure airport.

Arriving in Ghana: Remember, there are no additional charges upon your arrival in Ghana. Your entry is already secured with the e-visa, and you will not be required to pay any further costs. Simply proceed to the “Visa On Arrival” section at the airport and present your e-visa to the officials.

By following these instructions, your travel to Ghana with an e-visa will be hassle-free and straightforward.

Standard Processing Time:
Our service ensures processing within 3 business days under normal circumstances.

Expedited Processing:
If your travel needs are more urgent, requiring 2 business days or 24-hour processing, please contact us directly at 866-783-5188 or reach out via WhatsApp on 2162694794 to discuss expedited service options.

Costs Overview:

Ghana Visa Upon Arrival Official Fee: $150
Payment Processing Charges: $15
Our Processing Fee (Including Taxes): $85
Expedited Service Charge (Including Charges and Taxes): $135
Total Cost: $385

The total cost includes all fees and taxes, ensuring transparency and no hidden charges for your convenience and peace of mind.


Submit Your Application:
After you fill out your visa application form, simply submit it.

Redirect to PayPal:
You will be automatically redirected to a secure PayPal payment page.

Choose Your Payment Method:
If you have a PayPal account, you can proceed to pay through it. If you prefer to pay with your debit or credit card, simply look for the option below the PayPal login prompt.

Pay with Debit or Credit Card:
Click on the button labeled for debit/credit card payments. Enter your card details in the secure form and confirm the payment.

Once your payment is successfully made, we will begin processing your application immediately.

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