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Ghana October 1st-10th 2025

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Tour Package Exclusive


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Even in the age of online booking, travel agencies are a great source of information and discounts. A travel agency  can make sure that your trip is tailored to you, assist you in case of unexpected problems, and help you anticipate potential issues in advance. Group tours are very affordable and an opportunity to explore the majority aspect of a destination. NB:affordable group tours to Ghana

If airfare is included ,most airlines will prefer everyone to fly from one specific airport for a better rate. This will be more convenient for travelers flying from that state and very inconvenient for travelers outside that state. To make it more convenient for everyone coming from different state ,we decided to let you book your own ticket and our team will just pick you up from the airport. We can always assist you as well with your flight bookings if needed by recommending some affordable resources and sites for you .NB: affordable group tours to Ghana

Our Responsibilities:

1. Payment Handling: We manage all payments and processing.

2. Invoicing: We provide invoices to all guests for their tour payment.

3. Updates and Balances: We will keep guests informed about payment statuses.

4. Tour Provisions: We ensure all listed items, activities, and meals for the tour are provided.

Guests’ Responsibilities:

1. Documentation: Guests must provide their own visa, passport, and required vaccinations.

2. Additional Expenses: Guests are responsible for additional items or activities not listed in the tour


3. Payment Compliance: Guests must adhere to the agreed payment plan.

4. Property Damage: Guests are liable for any damages to property and must restore it to its original


5. Waiver of Liability: Guests waive the right to sue Amandani Tours Africa or its affiliates for any

injuries or damages.

6. Payment Method: Payments must be made via PAYPAL Invoices. Cash is not accepted.

7. Media Use Consent: Guests grant permission to use their likeness in promotional material.

8. Contract Agreement: Guests who do not agree to these terms cannot participate in the tours.

9. Deposit Requirement: A deposit is required to secure a spot on the tour.

10. Modification Rights: Amandani Tours Africa reserves the right to modify the tour as needed.

11. Non-participation: No refunds or compensations for missed activities or non-participation.

Children Policy:

1. Supervision Requirement: Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

2. Guardian Responsibility: Adults are responsible for children at all times during the tour.

3. Adult Presence: Children must always be accompanied by an adult.

Cancellation Policy:

All payments are refundable, excluding deposits, under the following conditions:

Cancellation Options: Guests who cancel one month prior to the scheduled tour dates are eligible

for a 50% refund of payments made after the initial deposit or may opt to credit the full amount

towards a future trip.

Failure to Comply: If a guest fails to provide the required travel documents instructed , resulting in travel denial, all payments made  will not be refunded unless credited to future scheduled trips.

Missed Payments: Guests who miss two consecutive payments without notifying Amandani Tours

Africa will have their reservation paused.

Withdrawal: Guests who withdraw from the tour after making a deposit will forfeit the deposit.

However, all other payments will be refunded if the withdrawal is not within a month of the tour’s

scheduled dates. Alternatively, guests may choose to credit all payments, including the deposit, to

another scheduled trip.

Additional Terms and Conditions for Cancellations:

These policies are designed to accommodate unforeseen circumstances while maintaining fair

practices for both the guests and the tour operator. Guests are encouraged to communicate

promptly with Amandani Tours Africa regarding any changes to their planned participation in the tour to facilitate the best possible outcome

The answer is NO. You don’t have to make any payment at time of reservation. When you submit your reservation ,our team or trip specialist will schedule a phone call with you and he/she will give you all the necessary information needed for you to partake in the tour. Your first deposit invoice will be sent with a due date afterwards. NB: affordable tours to ghana

Passports & Visa Requirements

Tour Pace

Transportation & Arrival Information

Clothing & Packing Tips

Health & Vaccinations

Travel Insurance

Electricity & Air-conditioning

Internet Connectivity

Currency & Money Exchange

The Team

Ghana welcoming our travelers from the united states
ghana orientation

Isaac Annan

I grew up in Cape coast Ghana and took my first interest in tourism in the 2000s. I worked as a co-founder of Ghana safari tours in partnership with few Swedish.I have been facilitating tours and trips across three west African countries (Ghana, Togo and Benin ) and I have been in the industry for more than two decades. I am still enjoying the journey and I have shared some great memories with over 1000 travelers from different parts of the world .I will be handling all tours around Ghana and it neighboring countries . I joined the Africa Travellers Team in 2016 when it first started as Amandani Tours Africa and I am happy to be here and also glad to make all your experiences a memorable one .

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