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Just click on the [ plan this tour now Button above] and fill out the forms. After submitting the form, A team member at Africa Travellers will give you a call and set up  your tour for you. 

We do not include flights in our packages but Our team members can assist you with affordable tickets. Kindly give us a call and let one of our travel specialists assist you. NB: cheap tours to Tanzania

All our payments terms and conditions will be attached to your first deposit and all invoices you will receive in the future. You will have the opportunity to review your invoice and the cancellation policy before each payments .Talk to us if you have any further question about our cancellation policy. NB: affordable tours to Tanzania

The answer is NO. You don’t have to make any payment at time of reservation. When you submit your reservation ,our team or trip specialist will schedule a phone call with you and he/she will give you all the necessary information needed for you to partake in the tour. Your first deposit invoice will be sent with a due date afterwards. NB: affordable tours to Tanzania

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If you are travelling overseas, or even domestically, taking out Travel insurance is highly recommended by the Africa Travellers Team. If you require medical attention while travelling, you may be liable for the cost of your treatment if you do not have travel insurance. Even though this isn’t a requirement before traveling we will recommend you purchase a travel insurance for your own safety and coverage.

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Jabir Ali -Tour Guide

I travelled in some parts of Africa when I was a student and it was the enjoyment of traveling in those few countries that encouraged me to share what I knew with my friends and family, After my studies from Uganda, my mother who is experienced retired tour operator assisted me to open Company for tourists from the scratch, I worked with her as a trainer, I started to get bookings and I found that I enjoyed planning their trips that started me as an independent, agent for my travel company. After my tour agent relocated, I became certified, bonded and licensed and started out on helping planning trips to Tanzania. Now as an independent tour agent, I focus my travel business on Zanzibar tours and Wildlife Safaris Tanzania mainland packages and I am very grateful to be part of the Africa Travellers Team.

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