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How To Travel To Africa For Cheap!

To be honest, travelling to Africa can be very expensive especially when it is not well planned. It’s evident that, when things are well planned, it makes every other thing easy and accessible. If I must be sincere, I will say most people don’t even know where to start their trip planning from! but That is why travel agencies exist right? Hmmm But these days, most travel agencies services have become pricey for the average income earner to book a trip to any African country.

You are likely to spend an average of $4k just for a week or 10 days trip in Africa! And That’s a lot, right? But don’t get discourage because after reading this article you will be able to learn some major things on how to plan a great trip to any African country for an experience that matters without spending too much money!

There are three major things that really influences the cost of every trip to Africa. These are

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Flights

How To Save On Accommodation

Imagine trying to stay for 10 days in Ghana and finding a decent hotel for a $100 a night. You are going to spend a $1000 right there! Decent hotels in most African countries’ charges from 100$ or more and they are mostly in the cities where everything else is also pricey. With my experience as a trip organizer for https://africatravellers.com/ for the past 4 years, I’ve realized spending 100$ or more a night on accommodations in African countries is a waste of money and a lot can be saved if you can reconsider the main purpose of your journey.

Let me tell you one secret about why https://africatravellers.com/ still manages to be the only Africa travel agency out there with the best price and yet still offers the best experience! When I decided to manage the company, I decided to listen and learn more about why people really travel across the Atlantic Ocean to visit African countries. In my research, I noticed people honestly cared more about the experience and didn’t really expected much from luxury accommodations.

They just wanted a decent and clean hotel with all working amenities, and they will be perfectly fine! I implemented this discovery in our trip planning for the clients and almost every traveler we planned a trip for have had a great experience without even complaining about the hotels. These are hotels most people don’t know because they are not internationally recognized. I look for those hotels at an affordable rate and offer it to our clients. Most people don’t travel to go on an adventure to sleep! they want to explore and experience! You will be spending less time sleeping anyway and instead of spending more money on lavish hotels, cut that and focus more on your experience!

How To Save On Transportation

Traveling to any African country without planning your transportation can cost you a lot of money unless you choose to use local public transportations in those country. The advantage of using those public transportation is, you will save a lot of money but the struggle and the discomfort it brings is unbearable! I will not recommend that for you unless you want to get a one-time experience. so how do you plan and save on accommodation? Well unfortunately there is nothing much you can do to save much on transportation when traveling solo in African countries. You will need to rent a car and that can cost you 150usd-200usd each day. You will also buy your own fuel and sometimes tip drivers or provide their accommodation if you will be driving to farther places.

So, what’s the solution? Well, if I should recommend any option, I will tell you to travel with a group for the first time. You will save a lot of unforeseen expenses and you will have a guide to help you maneuver easily to give you that first-hand experience on how things work in that African country. You will have the opportunity to see more and do more when you travel for the first time with a group planned by an expert. I remember at https://africatravellers.com/ , we did a group trip May 2021 and we explored Ghana from the south to the north for just $1600.00 per person for 10 days. Imagine trying to get the same experience on your own. you will spend 3x that amount and will still not get that experience and fun! In conclusion, to save on transportation for the first time traveling to Africa, just plan your trip with an expert or join a group trip.

How To Find Cheap Flights To Africa.

Finding cheap flights to African countries can be become an unrealistic expectation sometimes! But that’s just because most African countries don’t own their own airlines and can’t control the cost. It cost more if you are flying from America than when you are flying from Europe, and I guess it’s because of the distance. The solution to a cheaper flight or ticket to African countries are basically the travelling dates and the flexibility of your travel schedule. I have a simple trick that I would like to show you to find cheaper flights to African countries and the world.


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