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How To Overcome The Fear Of Traveling To Africa

For the past 4 years I have had conversations with different people from the world who were interested in traveling to the African continent but guess what?

They never travelled or made that dream come true all because of fear and anxiety. If you are reading this article then I can assume you might be in the same state of mind or dilemma but do not worry in this article, I will be sharing with you four simple steps or approaches that will help you overcome your fear of traveling to the African continent.

This is Sandra from New Orleans. When Sandra first spoke to me, she was highly interested in traveling to the African continent but did not know where to start from. she was very anxious and after talking to Sandra for weeks on the phone, I was able to help Sandra travel to Ghana for 10 days exploring the country from the southern to the northern part of Ghana! This is Interesting right?

So how did Sandra transitioned from a state of anxiousness and fear to be able to do a 10 days tour in Ghana? This is what I suggested for her to do.

Choose A Destination

To begin with, the African continent has over 50 countries and it can be very overwhelming when it comes to choosing where to go especially if that is your first time travelling to the continent or even outside your host country.

Are you looking for a safari experience? Are you looking for some history experience? Are you trying to explore the cultures and traditions, or you are just interested in going for a vacation? Asking yourself these questions can help you know which African country to choose or plan your trip to.

Find A Travel Partner Or Join A Group Tour

Secondly, one major thing that was discouraging Sandra the most was because she did not know anyone in that country, and she was going to be traveling by herself as a woman.

If you find yourself in that same state of thought, then I highly understand why you fear to travel to the continent especially when you get flash backs of all the media stereotypes shown by the western media.

My best recommendation for Sandra was to join a group tour we had to Ghana at that time. When Sandra realized she will be traveling with other group of people from her host country, she became more confident and the fact that she does not have to plan all the paper works and set the whole trip herself really gave her some peace of mind!

If you are eager to travel to the African continent and that will be your first time, then do not kill your interest by trying to plan everything yourself because it can be very overwhelming. Find a travel partner or join a group tour to visit for the first time and that will help build your confidence up.

Know Your Budget

When I told Sandra her tour will cost $1600.00 and that includes everything except her flight, she knew that’s something within her budget and that gave her more assurance that her dream of exploring the African continent is now really going to happen.

It is very important to make sure you do not take a trip that will break your bank account. There are so many ways to travel to the African continent without breaking the bank. Group tours are often 30% more affordable and most of these group tours offer monthly payments which makes it more flexible for you to pay for your trip.

If the total cost of the tour is not within your budget, I will suggest you freely postpone that trip and plan for the following year. You can even create a savings account just for your trip to Africa. Planning ahead is always good and will keep your

Confidence  up and also give you the reality on how possible you will be traveling to the continent .

Join Travel Groups And Watch Youtube Videos

Confidence up and also give you the reality on how possible you will be traveling to the continent .Another major thing that helped Sandra overcome her anxiousness and fear is talking to other travelers in our Africa travelers Facebook group and communicating with people who have already been to that African destination she was planning to go.

Most people will discourage you or kill your Africa travel dreams simply because, they have not been there themselves. Its like asking a health advice from a computer scientist! you are just likely trying to set yourself up for health risks.

In a nutshell, talk to people who have already been to where you intend to go in Africa and watch more YouTube videos on those destinations.

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