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In collaboration with local communities, the company participates at community works on monthly basis and has time to discuss with locals on working hard for planting more trees and environmental protection through waste management and recycling process. So far, 200 trees have been planted and we strive to make a bigger impact for environmental protection.
The company assists for paying school fee in Primary and secondary schools to 10 young people annually from poor families affected by HIV and other non-curable diseases in the Northern Province of Rwanda.
The company collaborates with Child Center in Huye District for comforting orphanages with food, clothes, shoes and school fees. Promoting Agri-tourism through collaboration with small-scale farmers on production of Potatoes, beans, vegetables and fruits and we visits them through our community tour packages and advisory services to them.
We invite anyone to join us to make a positive impact to those in need. Our introductory suggested donation include shoes, clothes, computers or 20,000 Frw ($25 USD) per person or any other pleasant contributing to the well-being of the people in need of support.


A locally owned company dedicated at providing safari tour packages and services to different people at different circumstances.


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Adress: P.O. BOX 1979
Phone: +250 783 092 754


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